BENDE Export-Import Limited

BENDE Export-Import Ltd is a recently registered Non Oil commodity Export Company with decades of experience in the industry derived through the partnership with SLOK Group of companies and her well established trading and management structure.

We are positioned to acquire the largest market share of the Nigerian commodity export business in no distant time, considering our available capacities, resources and comparative advantage.

To grow from a Mono-Product, Non-Oil Agricultural and Mineral Commodity Asset Company to a single National-multi-product, then to a multinational multi product large export Global Market shares within the next five years.

We have employed structures, strategies, systems, skill packs, knowledge, experience, capacities, financial capabilities, people, technologies and physical assets to position BENDE Export-Import Limited as the most competitive new entrants into the Export market.

OUR Energy is directed at the Agricultural Products’ sourcing, processing, storing, transporting, marketing and consulting on the Export value chain.

Thinking globally, though beginning locally, geographical boundaries, both in sourcing and exporting, are seen as opportunities rather than limitations.

With their operational network cutting across the entire African continent, our team is using their structure to create physical presence across Africa either in establishment of a sourcing, processing or marketing centers in places like Congo, Cameron, Gambia, Togo Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Tanzania, Mozambique etc. We are now in the gulf region specifically in Dubai as a center to service all the countries there , in the UK specifically in London, in Sydney Australia and in Belgium chatelineau Antwerp and langeac France



BENDE is a leading supplier of charcoal to customers in Europe, Gulf Region and in Africa. We supply wholesalers and distributors direct from our supply chains and warehouses in Africa (Nigeria). We have different grades of product and packaging and can accommodate most client's needs. We typically provide charcoal product in containers and can deliver CIF or FOB.   SPECIFICATION SIZES –GRADE   : 0-10mm                                                                                                     Dust 10mm -30mm                                                                         ...



Specifications Product Specification / Models Quality: Cocoa Beans Main Crop Product Specification /Models Quality: Cocoa Beans Main Crop SPECIFICATION Well fermented beans. Color: Dark-brown. Good separated a peel. Moisture: 8% at load port at the time of shipment Beans count 100/100g Defect beans < 5% Moulds 5% Max. Slaty 5% Max. Packing in Jute Bag 65 Kgs net   we can source other qualities as well



    SPLIT DRIED GINGER Specifications: Product Type Single Herbs & Spices Style Dried Certification Standard Shape Piece Color Natural Place of Origin Nigeria Type Ginger Moisture Content 6-9% Max Oil Content 1-2% ...



QUALITY SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION: Dried Cassava chips GENERAL SPECIFICATION  Starch Content: Minimum 70-80% Moisture Content: Maximum 13%  Raw Fiber: Maximum 5%  Sand/Silica: Maximum 3% Color: Pure White and off white PACKAGING 100kg/Bag, free of mold and insect   we can source other qualities as well


Raw cashew nuts

QUALITY SPECIFICATION white/ pale ivory or light ash kernels broken cross-wise (evenly or unevenly) naturally attached Max moisture 5% Broken Max 5% NLSGNLG Max 5% (SB) Remarks:  kernels shall be completely free from infection insect damage  mould rancidity, adhering test and objectionable extraneous matter . Scraped and partially shrivelling does not Affect the characteristic shape of the kerne Sspecifications We can supply large quantities of raw cashew nut (in-shell). This raw nuts undergo multiple quality checks before supplying. raw cashew nuts in shell (high grade) nut ...


Sesame Seed

QUALITY SPECIFICATION GRADE : White cleaned  White uncleaned GRADE DESCRIPTION: 99.95% cleaned GENERAL SPECIFICATION Purity above 99.95% Moisture 5.5-6% Admixture 0.5/1.00 Acid 1.5mg k0h/g Oil rate above 50 %( for dry inspection) Origin Nigeria (Nasarrawa, Benue, Maiduguri, Kano) Packing 25-30kg/bag we can source other qualities as well


Processed wood

QUALITY SPECIFICATION Quality Sawn Timber Boards For Furniture.Mahogany,Isapele,Iroko,Bubinga,Kosso,Tick.   Name Bubinga,Sapeli,Mahogany,Ebony,Iroko sawn timber Length 2m- 4m Width 100mm and up Thickness 2.5cm/3cm Grain Straight and Crown mixed ...



Specifications Specification Value Type Dried Hibiscus Flower Color Dark Red Appearance White and Cleansed Moisture Content 5% Total Ash 10% Max Acid Insoluble Ash 1.5% Broken Sticks 5% Max Foreign Matters 2% Max Salmonella Negative F.O.B Price Negotiable ...


Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is from Acacia Tree and grown in the Savannah / Arid Zone of Africa. In Nigeria we have the Acacia Senegalese type yielding the best grade and easily identified by its negative optical rotation. Grade two is produced by the Acacia Seyel, known for its positive optical rotation. The pharmaceutical and food industry make use of it.   SPECIFICATIONS: Colour Amber, Orange or CCFFFF colour with no dark pieces of significant Size Large, round and spherical shaped pieces of 0.05- 2 inches in size. Colour Amber Viscosity 35.0   4.32 Identification Positive Starch Negative Tannin Bearing Gums Negative Optical Rotation +25.7831 Salmonella Negative Escherichia Coli ...



Peanut which is popularly known as groundnut. Is actually the underground pod of a legume, rather than a true nut. The pod contain 1 to 3 soft seeds and sometimes as many as six. The seed contains 50% oil. Specifications Specification Value Type Raw Peanuts Color Brown F.O.B Price Negotiable Specification 9/11, 11/13 Imperfect Grain 5.0% Max Admixture 0.5% Max Minimum Order 50 ...